About the care for the elderly (part2)

In Japanese society, there is an old notion that the wives must take care of their parents-in-low. If the wife  cannot do it well she tend to get criticized by her husband and the relatives.
And Japanese are serious ( as you know) so most people try to nurse all by themselves. Even though they cannot do it well, most of them won't ask for help, and then they will be isolated and they will be exhausted. That's the biggest problem.

In my serial cartoon about the care for the elderly, the main character is an actual person, she takes care of seven elderly persons of her family all alone at the same time!
It must have been valuable but miserable experience. I try to make the cartoon that readers cannot read it without laughing.

We should share responsibilities more, not to entrust elderly care to one person. In doing so, we'll get a society that we can live with senior citizen easier and happier.
That's what I hope for.