About my work

My occupation is a cartoonist.
As you know, the cartoons are important part of Japanese culture. It's entertainment for men and women of all ages. But it's more than just entertainment, it can be educational too.

My themes of works are social problem, for example, medication of women and children, about Great Est Japan Earthquake in 2011, radiation effects in Fukushima, international cooperation and global health.
I often go around to interview with people in Japan and developing countries. I might be similar to be a journalist.

The aim of publishing my book is the act of reporting the real world, real state to my readers and let them think about that. Japanese tend to pretend not to see the social problem. Besides the majority of Japanese citizens are not good at saying their own opinions positively. Although they recognized a social problem, they easily give up to oppose it. Because they think general citizens don't have enough power to reform society.

Speaking about power, I think knowledge is the most important things to gain power. in this regard the cartoons is very convenient tool to know easily.
So I want many people to read my cartoons.